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Reiki 3 Course

The Third of 3 Progressive Levels from
the Original Buddhist Perspective

just for you!

weekdays or weekends

Avoid group participation
Same Course—Hours to suit you

I do NOT offer Reiki Courses online!

Reiki 3 Course Requirements
& Results

A minimum of several years’ practice at Reiki 2
including using the three Reiki 2 symbols
plus a previous commitment to meditation practice
is a prerequisite for this Reiki 3 Course

Reiki level 3 becomes available for you only if you are a practising Level 2 Reiki channel, and if you are on a committed spiritual path.

This is because Reiki 3 allows you to access the 4th Reiki symbol (invocation), to perform Level 1 and 2 Boosters (Reiju) to temporarily increase the pre-existing healing capacities of other individuals.

This requires a focused mind, and a thorough understanding and integration of the other three symbols through their regular use.

Your personal emotional Solar Plexus (Manipura-cakra) challenges also need to be addressed consciously before this Level is attempted.

Why? Because this Level 3 attunement has a powerful effect on both ‘petals’ of the ‘Third Eye’ chakra (Ajna-cakra) from where we outwardly manifest our inner reality and wisdom.

And so, a prerequisite for this empowerment is a controlled and focused mind through a previous commitment to meditation/spiritual practices.

While Reiki 3 offers a tremendous boost to your capacity to advance the healing of self and others, this empowerment may also greatly accelerate the karmic results brought about by your actions (present/past and helpful/harmful) of Body, Speech, and Mind

Golden Buddha photo by Detlev Klockow via Unsplash


‘May my thoughts come true instantly
 — whether inner, outer or secret’

Reiki 3 Course Structure

Golden Zen Buddhist Temple Kyoto Japan photo by Matt Briney
  • 3 days of tuition, Empowerments, and practice;
  • Private Single Student: Hours to suit over 3 days
    (days can be shorter than group courses as there are fewer attunements to do and fewer students to attend to)
  • Includes daily two 15-minute tea breaks and an hour for lunch (to suit)
  • See the Fees & Payments section, below, for details of fees, discounts, and payment methods available

Course Manuals

To be sure you have a thorough understanding of this style of Reiki, I will provide you with the updated digital manuals from my Reiki 1 and 2 courses, regardless of whether you had studied those levels with me or another teacher.

  • Reiki 1 Course e-manual (revised)
  • Reiki 2 Course e-manual (revised)
  • Reiki 3 Course e-manual

Excerpt from Kerrie’s Reiki 3 e-manual:




“Traditionally, in Buddhism, when greeting another, place your palms slightly cupped together, symbolizing a budding lotus, while also bowing before the person, with the affirming thought, ‘A lotus for you, a Buddha to be’.”

 description paraphrased after Thich Nhat Hanh


Yogacara Astrologer, Reiki Practitioner 1986, Reiki Teacher 1997, Award-Winning Author, Flower Essence Therapist, Vegan, Buddhist

Dana for Your Merit

For this 3rd Level course you will also receive a A$25 Kiva Loan Donation Gift Card to support a Third World entrepreneur of your choice, productively helping to alleviate poverty in the world.

When the A$25 is repaid to you, you can re-loan it to help another (or keep the cash, though I’d recommend the former!).

The Active Compassion keeps working to change our world!
This also makes up for not having other students to practice with during the Reiki 3 course, so you can gain Merit as a healer in another way.

All courses currently suspended
due to Covid-19 precautionS for your protection.
But you can still register your interest in future courses
by filling in the Booking Form, below, 
and I’ll keep you up-to-date.

See all Reiki Courses Fees and the Kiva Loan Gift details on my
Exceptional Purpose site HERE

Payments can be made by card (credit/debit) via Stripe;
Or cash transfer by Osko/PayID via your bank’s website/app (include a description!)

No payments are due until the course is confirmed,
so please send in the Booking Form (below) first !

Next Level 3 Reiki Course

Held at New Farm (Brisbane) Qld Australia
— just 2.5km from Brisbane CBD


Courses are
Suspended for Now

To responsibly protect you from possible exposure to Covid-19 in a new group situation.
(The Qld borders are estimated to be fully open in November, 2020)

You can Book a 3-day
Private Reiki Course,
just for you

Choose weekdays or a weekend.

You can use the Reiki Booking form, below, to request a private course; or to confirm your interest in a group course when available.

Or contact me directly↓ for more information.

Suggested Accommodation

The lovely Ellie’s Guest House :

  • A two-storey Queenslander-style premises, is just a 3-minute stroll around the corner in Merthyr Rd.
  • Very affordable rates; single & double rooms, with/without ensuites;
  • Also close to Merthyr Village — our village-style shopping centre here in New Farm, also in Merthyr Rd (includes a Coles supermarket, and various cafés and specialty shops)
  • And a short stroll to the riverwalk at the top of the street for an early morning or evening walk.

For more information, peruse the website & rates at

A Paddle Steamboat spotted on Brisbane River 
& viewed from The Bikeway Riverwalk,
New Farm, Qld, Australia
(New Farm is only 2.5km from Brisbane CBD)

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Brisbane River at sunset by Kerrie Redgate
A view of The Brisbane River at sunset
New Farm, Qld, Australia

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